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Wet Drum Separator

CITANN’s High Intensity Wet Drum Separator has proved to be ideal for the wet separation of paramagnetic from non magnetic material using a combination of wet drum technology and permanent rare earth magnet technology.

It is ideal for the recovery of strongly paramagnetic minerals and the removal of hematite contaminants from various non magnetic minerals. The separator is available in a wide range of drum diameters and various widths to suit customer requirements.


The wet drum separator comprises a fixed multi pole assembly of high power rare earth permanenrt magnets contained inside a non magnetic rotating drum. The drum is suspended inside a stainless steel tank. Feed material for separation is introduced in a slurry form, at a constant rate into a feed box at one end of the tank and flows in the direction of the drum rotation.

Magnetic material is picked up by the first magnetic poles onto the moving drum, whilst the non magnetic material is discharged from the bottom of the tank. The magnetic material is carried on the drum surface across a series of further magnetic poles, transferring from pole to pole to allow the wash out of any entrained non magnetic material. The magnetic product is removed from the last pole by a rotating or stationary scrapper and can be discharged out of the magnetics chute with the help of a water spray.