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Magnetic Roll Separator

CITANN ENGINEERS were the first to introduce high intensity, high gradient, dry permanent magnetic roll separators in the Indian market. The machines which are manufactured using the PERMROLL technology has been successfully used in hundreds of industrial minerals applications around the world.

The machine incorporates high energy rare earth neodymium permanent magnetic roll assembly, which is manufactured and assembled under proprietary specifications to generate unsurpassed magnetic field gradients. Under this high intensity magnetic field, weakly magnetic contaminants can be easily removed efficiently. The magnetic rolls can be structured to treat particle sizes ranging from 200 mesh to 30 mm.

Ferrite based permanent magnetic rolls with lower strength are also supplied for some applications.

Operating Principle 

A short conveyor belt envelopes the magnetic roll and a tensioning idle roll. A suitable feeder pan discharges material on to the belt. The ferro magnetic and para magnetic particles adhere to the belt while the non magnetic particles flow freely off the end of the conveyor.


Abrasive, refractory & ceramic raw materialsGlass raw materials cleaning; silica sand, quartz,Feldspar, dolomite, etc.Removal of ferro silicates from limestone, magnesiteBeneficiation of iron ore.Removal of metals from slagGraphite UpgradingManganese ore beneficiationUltra high purity quartz cleaningBauxite upgradingDiamond ore beneficiationSelective separation of rare earths; garnet / ilmenite / rutile / zirconIlmenite recoveryWollastonite beneficiationZircon cleaning