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Magnetic Drum Separator

Drum Separator provide automatic ferrous tramp metal removal and self cleaning.  Available in standard Drum diameters ranging from 8” to 24”. CITANN Drum Separators are tailored to achieve maximum ferrous tramp removal in any application. Citann Drum Separators are ideal for automatic ferrous tramp metal removal in processing systems.

Material to be processed enters the top of the drum separator, flows across the face of the rotating drum and exits through the bottom clean material section.  The drum rotates around a stationary powerful permanent magnetic field.
Ferrous tramp metal in the material being processed is captured and held on the rotating drum surface passing through the magnetic field.  Clean material falls free, while the ferrous metal is carried past the diverter and released when it is out of the magnetic field.

Powerful Permanent Magnets Enclosed MotorSelf Cleaning240/480 A.C. Motor Removal Drum Adjustable Feed Rate Suitable Wiper Strips