Magnetic Drawer Housing


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Magnetic Drawer Housing

Multiple stage filters (housings) are used for high purity applications.  In a housing, more than one filter is placed one over the other.  This is to ensure that if the ferrous impurity is not trapped in the first stage, it will be trapped in the subsequent stages.

There are two types of housings: Manual Cleaning type and Self Cleaning type.


Citann drawer-in-housing units are tailored to meet a wide variety of industrial tramp metal separation applications.

Each housing contains pull out magnet drawers.  The drawers have magnet tubes on alternate centers toforce a zig-zag material movement between the tubes.  Maximum tramp metal capture is achieved as material flows through the housing.  The pull out drawers provide for fast efficient cleaning of the captured tramp metal.

The body of the housing is constructed of stainless steel as is designed to fit the mating chute, spout, tube or line in which the housing is to be used.  Hinged access doors, held in place with positive locking devices, provide quick access to the magnet drawers for cleaning.  The doors are gasketed for dust control.  Custom sizes are available upon request, as well as, transition to match existing equipment.


Citann’s Self Cleaning Drawer-in-Housing simplifies cleaning by reducing the time spent wiping off each individual magnetic tube.  Release the positive locking clamps and pull the magnetic tubes out.  Collected tramp metal stays on the magnetic tubes as they come of the housing.  The drawer slides easily through stripper seals, bringing the tramp metal to the non-magnetic area of the tubes, outside of the product flow, where tramp metal falls off.  Custom sizes and transitions to match existing equipment are available upon request.